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Eye Detox Specific Anti Dark Cicrle Treatment Fair Skin

Eye Detox Specific Anti Dark Cicrle Treatment Fair Skin

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Eye Detox Specific Fair Skin is the 1st colorless treatment* specifically targeting the “hereditary” brown circles that appear around the eyes on fair skin during childhood or adolescence and that are very difficult to reduce.
How to use: Morning & night, as an eight-week treatment or throughout the year.
Apply all around the eye, using the ball-point tip. Formula : • Vitamin B3: regulates melanin synthesis, to lighten hereditary brown circles.
• Chromadetox®, a brown seaweed extract: o strengthens the walls of microcapillaries to curb the loss of blood pigment that causes bluish circles and the loss of water responsible for puffiness;
o restricts the oxidation of the blood pigments that darken circles;
o soothes and helps reduce redness.
• Escin: instantly shrinks dark circles and puffiness, by stimulating microcirculation.
• Oat seed extract: smooths the eye contour to lessen traces of fatigue.
• Soft-focus powder: immediately “lightens” the gaze.
• Steel ball (in applicator): helps to tone the area around the eyes.

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