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Teknia Sun Care Serum 100ml

Teknia Sun Care Serum 100ml

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Lakme Teknia Sun Care Serum is a repairing serum for sun-damaged ends. Smoothes ends damaged by the action of the sun. A truly intense treatment. Leaves hair ultra shiny and silky. In addition, it intensely treats hair tips and softens them for a breath-taking and smooth shine.

It incorporates filters with a high affinity to hair fibers which provide lasting protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Its formula has been enriched with Vitamin E, which is indeed a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-radical agent that protects hair lipids and proteins against damage. Monoï oil regenerates dry and damaged hair and gives shine, softness and also manageability. Indeed, the results are immediate and long-lastingMain Ingredients :

Natural wheat amino acids
Monoï de Tahiti : repairs and protects all hair types from exposure to sun. Healthy, moisturized hair.
UV Filter : Protection against ultraviolet rays. Hence, hair maintains color and shine.
Cationic polymer
Ceramide Rebuild System
Combination of silicones : Adheres to damaged areas and forms a protective coating. Hair immediately recovers softness and also shine leaving it naturally silky to the touch..

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