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Master Caviar Body Butter

Master Caviar Body Butter

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The secret of this particularly luxurious body butter lies in the SkinNova SC Technology. It stimulates the skin's own stem cells and hence the source of fresh, new skin. It provides the ideal micro-environment for the cells to develop optimally and for their lifelong self-renewal potential to remain protected. Skin quality improves demonstrably.The luxurious and deeply penetrating Caviar-Silk-Complex supplies the skin with valuable proteins, minerals and trace elements. Precious oils and hyaluronic acid round off this unique formula perfectly and ensure a wonderful skincare experience.Active ingredients: SkinNova SC Technology, Silk Extract, Natural Oils, Caviar Extract: Caviar extract is rich in valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins (A and D). It stimulates the skin and thus stimulates cell metabolism. Furthermore, it regenerates and re-structures the skin. Caviar also preserves the skin's resilience and reduces moisture loss. Caviar is classified as the most valueable active ingredient in support of skin regeneration. Silk moisturizes the skin and binds the skin's own moisture. Absorbed quickly by the skin thanks to its own skin-related structure. It is extremely skin-criendly. Caviar and silk are combined to the highly effective and luxurious caviar-silk complex.

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