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GYN-PHY Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Mist

GYN-PHY Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Mist

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This mist gently cleanses, refreshes and soothes the intimate area while respecting its balance thanks to its physiological pH.
Cleanses and refreshes
Its cleansing complex, GLYCO-GYN, gently cleanses without drying and contributes to maintaining the proper balance of mucous membranes.
Relieves sensations of discomfort
Uriage Thermal Water’s moisturizing and soothing properties help preserve comfort.

Protects balance
Lactic acid and its innovative cleansing complex help respect and maintain the natural balance of the intimate flora. The physiological pH boosts this action. It contains: AQUA (WATER, EAU) ● DECYL GLUCOSIDE ● GLYCERIN ● LACTIC ACID ● CETRIMONIUM BROMIDE ● PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) ● ALCOHOL ● LEONTOPODIUM ALPI

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