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Intim Aid Cleanser PH 5- 200 ml

Intim Aid Cleanser PH 5- 200 ml

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Frezyderm Intim Area Liquid specialized for the intimate area. It can be used on local irritations and to treat infections including vaginitis, a yeast infection, a urinary tract infection and fluid secretion. It has antiseptic properties, provides effective cleansing and restores the pH of the intimate area. The cleanser reduces odours, itching and fluid secretion and has moisturizing and softening action which protects the natural vaginal flora. It can be used by both sexes. Itcontains Capryloyl Glycine responsible for the maintenance of the pH of the intimate area. ?-Glucan oligosaccharide responsible for the protection of the natural ecosystem. Ethylhexyl Glycerin responsible for the removement of odor of bacterial origin. Oat amino acids responsible for the emollient and moisturizing action. Echinacea which is a broad spectrum antibacterial, responsible for the reinforcement of the body's natural defenses.

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