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Botulin Effect Cream

Botulin Effect Cream

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An advanced wrinkle cream, this formulation has been carefully developed using high-grade ingredients that provide intense hydration and nourishment while decreasing the depth of expression lines on your skin. It effectively reduces existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming. The advanced active ingredient matrix in Frezyderm Botulin Effect Expression Wrinkle Cream 50ml helps revitalize your skin's natural moisture balance, so your complexion stays smooth and supple for hours on end. Natural botanical extracts such as cucumber and black elderberry further enhance its effectiveness by providing additional hydration and soothing relief. In addition to smoothing out wrinkles, this luxurious cream helps encourage cell turnover for a brighter complexion that radiates health. Its lightweight texture also makes it ideal for layering with other products or wearing alone. Whether you want to reduce premature aging signs or just need a bit of extra anti-aging protection, this innovative formula is the perfect solution. It contains Hibiscus Peptides (Jamaica Flower), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Ac. Palmitic, Ac. Hyaluronic, Vitamin E.

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