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Kertyol PSO Concentrate Body and Scalp 100 ml

Kertyol PSO Concentrate Body and Scalp 100 ml

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KERTYOL P.S.O. Concentrate local use is a targeted care for soothing skin and scalps prone to plaques. Its expert formula enriched with POLIDOCANOL soothes intense itching of the scalp and helps to get rid of plaques. For local, targeted application when plaques appear on the skin and/or scalp.
56% less itchy skin within eight days of use. SOOTHES itching thanks to POLIDOCANOL. HELPS get rid of dry patches : GLYCOLIC ACID helps to remove visible red plaques and scales (scabs that break away from the skin). Special NON-STICKY and non-greasy formula. Usable by: Teenagers - Adults. It contains glycolic acids: Deeply exfoliating active ingredient that aids the disappearance of visible plaques. Celastrol: 1st innovative ingredient from Pierre Fabre biotechnology, Celastrol, is of 100% natural origin and produced through the cultivation of plant cells. This soothing ingredient directly targets the appearance of plaques and improve skin appearance.

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